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About us
 About us
After the momentous achievement of sequencing the human genome, genome science is turning to projects such as the expression profile analysis of genes and their products. The HiCEP Center, established at the National Institute of Radiological Sciences in November, 2003, focuses on entire transcripts (transcriptomes). Our major interests are:

1) For each biological phenomenon, what transcripts are expressed with what timing, and what are the regulation mechanisms
2) To study the transcriptome itself

For this purpose, we have developed a new gene expression profiling method, High Coverage Expression Profiling (HiCEP). HiCEP is based on a different principle from that of the DNA chip (microarray) technique and does not require any sequence information for its analysis, so it can be used even for organisms for which we have no cDNA sequence information. Furthermore, its high sensitivity (it can detect even a 20% difference in gene expression) and high coverage can overcome most difficulties in gene expression profiling analysis using previous methods. HiCEP produces enough data to allow us to comprehensively identify genes related to biological phenomena of interest and to discover the network of genes regulating expression.

The purpose of the HiCEP Group is to develop a sensitive, high coverage gene expression analysis method and promote collaboration with other researchers. HiCEP analysis is applicable in many areas and we have received many proposals for collaboration.

Through close study of entire transcripts, we can learn about the complete expression mechanism. Our aim is to contribute not just to basic research, but also to medical care and environmental science. We plan to collect expression profile data about many different species and make them public.


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